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the luxe lounge

huge holiday sale

Luxe Membership Giveaway.jpg

Eligible to Redeem: 1/1/23

$200 gift Card for $100

Terms & Conditions:

  • First 3 Gift Cards are for Gifts ONLY to other persons.

  • Purchaser is REQUIRED to provide the Gift Recepient(s) Full Name and Phone # to pre-register the gift recepient(s).

  • All gift cards will made out to each Gift Recepient by name

  • Cannot buy Gift Card for yourself

  • Only the Free $100 Gift Card can be used on yourself.

  • Gift Cads can be picked up at the Luxe Lounge Front Desk.

  • Eligible to redeem on 01/01/2023

  • All Holiday Gift Cards expire on 3/31/23.

  • All Sales are final NO REFUNDS

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